On Names

Imperial citizens generally have three names, which together define who they are, which clan their family is part of, and what family they’re from. A citizen’s three names are:

  1. The Praenomen: The Given Name — that name given to the citizen by his/her parents.
  2. The Nomen: The Clan Name — the greater family group from which a citizen’s family comes.
  3. The Cognomen: The Family Name — the citizen’s family name.

Thus, Manius Minucius Tullus is Manius, of the Clan Minucius, of the family Tullus.

Lonely Coasters who are Imperial citizens will also have three names; but said names may be a mix of ’Coastie and Imperial. Normal usage is to drop the Nomen; as all Lonely Coast native families have ties of kinship to the Minucius Clan.

Below are some links to names found on the Lonely Coast:


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