The Lonely Coast Introduction

On the eastern shores of the Narrow Sea, southeast— of the Floating City and west of the Theocracy of Dürn, lies the land called the Lonely Coast. Densely forested inland, the coast consists of a bewildering array of almost unbroken cliffs, shallow bays, and mysterious rock formations visible only from the sea.

Sailors not native to the area steer clear of the broken coastline, as the land has an unsavory history. In years past, before the Empire’s galleys cleared the waters, the Lonely Coast was infamous for its vicious pirate raids on slow merchantmen. Innumerable ships were plundered and sunk by the pirates of the area, and sailors’ tales name the places on the coast where ghostly craft of another era still burn on moonless nights.

The land itself appears haunted from the sea. Mists rise with appalling frequency through the stark, tree covered terrain, and it is rumored the land itself thirsts for the blood of unwary sailors. In these dark days, when the Empire itself turns inward, and even the voices of close neighbors are ignored, the Lonely Coast is largely forgotten and abandoned.

The Lonely Coast

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